Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Registering with Effective People will provide contractor and contingent workers with access to government and private industry jobs. Registration is free and simple. Our team will contact you in the first hours of the next business day.
Spending time on your resume is time well invested and we recommend downloading our guide to resume writing. Resumes needs to be accurate and relevant to any position you may be applying for.

A: Apply directly for any jobs in our Find Work section or through our ads on Seek ( You will be able to attach your resume and any other documentation you feel would be useful. Each job application should be tailored to that job with specific examples justifying your case as the best possible option for employment.One of our recruitment consultants will review your resume against the job and be in touch with you with the outcome of your application.

A: Under the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), personnel that need ongoing access to security classified resources must hold a security clearance at the appropriate level. Security classified resources include Protected, Secret and Top Secret information, systems that hold classified information, and classified assets. A person may also be required to hold a security clearance if they occupy a position of trust requiring additional assurance about the integrity of the position’s occupant. For further information please visit the Australian Government Vetting Agency (AGSVA) for more details.
A: Each job has a close date. This date will be provided to you when applying for the role so that you can set your expectations on when you might get a result from the application. In most cases, interviews are provided within 2-3 weeks after the close date. Selection of the suitable candidate happens around week 4. These timings are subject to change based around who the client is and the time of year.

A: You can complete your timesheet each week via our timesheet portal .

A: All work related injuries, incidents and hazards, no matter how minor, must be reported to both Effective People and your supervisor as soon as possible. You can contact Effective People by either calling the 1300 946 471 number of via email at
A. Effective People is your employer. You are employed as a casual employee.

A: As a casual employee of Effective People, you are not entitled to leave entitlements like annual leave or sick pay. As you are a ‘Casual Employee’ you will receive Casual Loading in place of these entitlements.