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3 excuses to use cruise control in QLD

Time flies, doesn’t it? Still unbelievable that we’re almost done with Winter and it’s time to start planning your celebratory getaway! This month we’re in Queensland and have listed three of the most amazing places you can experience, simply by jumping in the car and going for a drive! Whether you have a hatchback or an SUV, the below places are easily accessible and will make you appreciate Queensland just that little bit more after seeing them.

Up first – Springbrook Mountain, Gold Coast

1hr 35mins south of Brisbane. 23 million years ago a volcano erupted and formed this beautiful mountainous forest. Standing on this elevation means you can tell your friends and family that you’ve stood on a volcano, although old and dormant,  it’s still a volcano!! This place is not just a mountain, it has lookouts and waterfalls and canyons. Bring the swimmers (us Canberrans never think it’s that cold in QLD even if we’re mid-August) and your mini BBQ to cook up a decent lunch. A few other cool things about Springbrook that many people don’t know about is the rare wildlife and plants you see, including the glow-in-the-dark worms and mushrooms… Look out!

Second stop – Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

1hr 40 mins north of Brisbane. One would think we could steer you straight to the Gold Coast if you went to Springbrook Mountain. However, if you were to choose just one of the three places we’ve listed, this would have to be pushing for a first place. Noosaville is a dreamy little seaside village located on the foreshore, a 5-minute drive from Noosa Heads. A must visit is Hells Gates, it really is heavenly and this place is home to dolphins and turtles. Need I say more? In relation to food, Thomas Street and Gympie Terrace are littered with cafes and restaurants. Try and get to Red Emperor for amazing fish and chips, yep, I said amazing. In terms of activities, the world really is your oyster up this way. You can get on the Noosa Ferry, hire a jet-ski, kayak or boat, or even organise some surfing lessons if you’re keen to go a step above intense, gnarly!

Finally – Somerset Dam, Somerset

1hr 30 mins north-west of Brisbane. Boating camping fishing is BCF’n fun. This really is the case at Somerset Dam. Even if you don’t have a boat/kayak you can camp and fish and if you don’t camp or fish, you can swim! And if you don’t do any of that you can simply soak up the sun and enjoy the surrounding mountains in the family BBQ and picnic areas. This dam is one of Brisbane’s most important water catchments and stores over 900,000 megalitres. The dam wall itself is stunning at a length of over 300 metres long. Somerset Dam really is a hidden gem. If you’re in Brisbane, it’s city living with country benefits when you visit out this way.

So there it is, whether it’s summer or winter, mark your calendar and give yourself a little bit of adventure. Drive and discover safely! If you have any other places for us to check out next time we’re in Brisbane, message us on our Facebook Page!

Author: Holli Hope-Jones

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