Handshakes to Avoid

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 26-Apr-2017 10:47:43

Touchy feely? It happens to everyone; you meet a perfectly nice person for the first time and offer the universally accepted social gesture to shake their hand. Before you know it you’re unpleasantly affected by the poor hand to hand connection and you’re put off before you’ve even begun talking. The reality of job interviews and first impressions is that everyone is making snap judgements about you. It’s the world we live in and there is so much to learn from that initial handshake.

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Interview questions - things to keep in mind to make sure you are the prepared to the fullest.

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 04-Apr-2017 11:17:03

There is always room to ask questions toward the end of your interview. Here are some things that are good to, and not to ask. Try to have some questions prepared for your interview, it shows your interest in the role, a bit more about your general character, and suitability for the position.

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Looking for a new Job? Here are some great reasons why to use a Recruitment Agency.

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 22-Mar-2017 12:08:43

Recruitment agencies are a great tool to aid you with your job search. Agencies specialise in different industries and job types, so make sure to keep this in mind as you start your search for a career change.

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Part-Two: Do's & Don'ts for an Interview

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 09-Mar-2017 15:54:00

Quite often we try and remember too many things before walking into a job interview. When you first turn a computer on and try to run too many applications at once, the computer will become overloaded and you’ll be pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL before you know it. Unfortunately, we cannot press those three magic buttons in a job interview when the pressure is on. As a result, we become lost, flustered and in some instances embarrassed about how your dream job interview has unfolded. To avoid all of the above, and more, be sure to remember these crucial interview DON’T’s when you venture through the spotlight to success.

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Part-One: Do's & Dont's for an Interview

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 02-Mar-2017 09:05:14

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Looking to Hire? Why use a Recruitment Agency

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 17-Feb-2017 12:48:14

Experience – Recruitment agencies have market insight and copious amounts of knowledge when it comes to what is happening in the market place and how to efficiently go through the hiring process.

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Give someone the push to have a chat with us for an opportunity in Brisbane and be rewarded with $2,000!

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 25-Jan-2017 15:41:06

Our client is currently seeking a highly motivated and dynamic

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Why I Moved From California to Canberra

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 18-Jan-2017 16:05:31

 Many people think the only reason you would want to move to Canberra is that you could get a Government Job.  So when I tell people why I moved from California to Sydney and then to Canberra; I get a resounding “Why?!”

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Executive Assistants in Huge Demand

Posted by Holli Hope-Jones on 12-Jan-2017 13:36:48

 Here at Effective People, we continuously have a huge demand for Executive Assistants to fill positions for our Government clients.

Just this week alone, we have had six requests!

This is a great time for anyone with experience in this field or for those who have the skills and desire to apply for an EA position.

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How to Write a Professional Resume + Template

Posted by Johnny Hamilton-Gibbs on 09-Jan-2017 14:32:46

Resumes stimulate lots of  conversation amongst recruitment consultants and hiring managers alike. Many like resumes, many dislike them. One thing is for certain, whether you think resumes are good, bad or ugly, resumes still serve a critical role in securing you an invite to interview.

It’s 2017, and time to dust off those old resumes, grab a coffee and sit down to write or refresh your resume. We know this is easier said than done.

We see resumes in all shapes, sizes, colours and file formats. After speaking with our experienced consultants, I have compiled this list of useful tips.

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