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How to make the most of a long weekend

Ask any number of people what their ideal long weekend is and we have no doubt the answers will be many and varied. So how should you spend your upcoming long weekend? It’s a question on many Australian’s lips right now and with the states varying in their advice (and indeed in their restrictions limitations) we are sure that what will work for one most definitely won’t work for all.

We are entering this long weekend with two words in mind: intention and balance. You don’t have to plan every moment, and you don’t have to leave your home for your weekend to leave you feeling recharged and happier.

So if you are not sure how to make the most of upcoming long weekend, or perhaps you are feeling fed up thinking of new ways to spent that time, then here are some ideas we’ve put together:

1. Plan a staycation

Yes we know the old staycation has pushed its limits this year, but we are convinced that holidaying in your backyard can still allow you to reap the benefits of a long weekend. A staycation may involve visiting a local winery or packing the car for an entire day out, it may mean hiring the beach shack or it could be as simple as hitching a tent in your *actual* backyard. Either way, we suggest sticking to our original plan of making it intentional. Put the effort in to make your staycation special.


2. Digital hiatus

Set those limits on your devices and stick to them, we’ve become slaves to these technological ‘things’ and the result is that we don’t ever fully disconnect from our work (or anything else). There are short and long term effects to us being so connected to the online world through our smart phone useage and its important to balance that connection carefully.

3. Prepare at work

End your work week with how you want to return after the long weekend, clear the email inbox and start your Tuesday to do list now. The benefits of “to do lists” are vast but importantly it allows you to see the smaller tasks beside the broad or significant tasks and it allows your brain to mentally prepare for what it needs to do.

4. Exercise

If you are already nailing the exercise regime then keep it up, but if you are needing the prompt to get going – then let this long weekend be it. Physical activity has been proven to benefit us not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

Did you know that as a valued Effective People contractor you are eligible to an exclusive corporate discount for you to access all Club Lime gyms? Get in contact with us to get all the information so that you can take us up on this offer.

5. Enjoy nature

If possible, combine tips number 4 and 5. Jess, our Senior Recruitment Consultant loves combining the outdoors and exercise together. She can often be found with her partner and gorgeous dogs climbing one of the neighbouring mountains of Canberra within the national parks.

Like exercise, nature, in and of itself has been recognised as having a multitude of benefits psychologically, spiritually and physiologically. So if a walk in nature isn’t possible for you this weekend, we suggest taking your morning cuppa by the window or outside so that you can breath in all of natures bounty.

Shot of a couple going for a walk on a nature trail

6. Spring Clean

“Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose” Erika Oppenheimer

If the Minimalists, or Marie Kondo didn’t inspire you to clear out the junk cupboard then maybe Netflix’s new show ‘Get Organized’ with the Home Edit might just do it for you. If your long weekend is likely to involve getting ontop of the ever mounting washing/folding and general tidying like how our Administration manager Gretchen forsees her long weekend then we think it’s worth digging in and Spring cleaning at a level that is sure to feel cleansing at a spiritual level.

Doing the big clean and have a lot to declutter? Make sure you send those items to where they can have a second life, Recruitment Consultant Rachel recommends:

  • Greenshed – www.greenshed.net.au
  • Designer Op Shop Emporium – www.dosemporium.com.au
  • Dirty Janes – www.dirtyjanes.com/dirty-janes-canberra

7. Treat yo’self

Take a page out of Donna’s book. But if restrictions, or you know, time, money, children don’t allow you to hire a sports car and shop till you drop then find a way to treat yo’self in a less extravagant manner.
We recommend locating a local candle maker, buying a bookg and purchasing a beautiful locally produced bottle of wine (or fresh tea) and running yourself a bath. 1,2,3…relax.

8. Tackle a big project

You know those “never quite get to” projects? The items on that neverending “list”? A three day weekend is the perfect opportunity to tackle these. Go on, paint that wall, build that garden bed, make that side table. With our initial thoughts in mind we think you should make sure you balance those big projects or your weekend of gardening is broken up with breaks that let you relax in a different way.

You got this!

9. Bake or Create

Did you know that creative expression is deeply connected to overall wellbeing. Baking is a productive form of self expression and communication as well as making music or painting. The stress outlet that these activities offer is immense, and with stress related to many mental and physical problems introducing a way to express yourself creatively is incredibly important.

10. Do Nothing

Don’t feel guilty for sitting and doing abso.lutely nothing. Read that magazine or book, watch netflix or stare out the window. 2020 has thrown us one stressful year, its time we grab those moments and make them ours. Ever tried meditation? Now might be a good time to give it a whirl.

11. The left of field plans

Maybe the weather isn’t great, or you really are after something a bit different – Rachel recommends visiting Quizzic Alley which is a Harry Potter themed store in Fyshwick. This is a place for the big or little kids and we’d recommend you visit here at the start of your weekend and maximise your time there and any purchase you make.

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