Dreaming about a new car

Dreaming about a holiday, new shoes, buying a house or new car? Having some trouble saving?  Saving can be a difficult task when you have constant influx of bills, however, dreams can come true. Check out my tips and experience of how I saved for my brand-new Volkswagen Golf… along with other bits and bobs!

Step 1 – Vision boards:

To start saving you need to have a goal. Start by writing down things you want to or need to save for. Have a clear vision as to what you want to save for and how much you will need to save. Cut out places from a magazine or Images of locations you want to visit. By visualizing your goals, it can help you focus on the bigger picture. I had a cork board in my home office pinned with Golfs… Seeing that every day, reminded me what I was working towards and giving me that little extra motivation. Now it’s covered in different properties…

Step 2 – Set a date:

Setting a date of when you want to buy the car, go on your holiday or buy those new sparkly shoes is really important because you’re left accountable for something with yourself. This can also help with working out how much you need to put away each week.

Step 3 – Budgeting:

Budgeting is something that very little people enjoy. According to the Cambridge dictionary, budgeting is defined as the process of calculating how much money you must earn or save during a particular period of time, and of planning how you will spend it.

This is how you will save money. Start off by setting aside a certain amount of money each pay day. This can be anywhere between $5 to $100. Now it doesn’t seem like a lot, however, this simple change can make a big impact in the future.

To keep track of how much money you put aside, get a notebook, blank document of excel spreadsheet prepared. Write the date down and how much you set aside that pay day and have a total at the end. You could even have this sitting next to your goal amount to see how far you have to go!

Step 4 – Don’t be too hard on yourself:

Life happens… things come up that you have to pay for, celebrate or enjoy. Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you’re not able to put away the exact amount that pay period. Just work hard to hit the target the next time!

Step 5 – It’s time to purchase:

When buying your new car, house or holiday make sure you get the best deal! Speaking with friends or family who are involved or have experience in that industry can really help with securing the best deal possible.

If you have any budgeting tips or tricks, let us know by messaging us on our Facebook Page! I think we can all use some extra tips in this field.

Author: Rille Beath

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