Looking for a new Job? Here are some great reasons why to use a Recruitment Agency.

Recruitment agencies are a great tool to aid you with your job search. Agencies specialise in different industries and job types, so make sure to keep this in mind as you start your search for a career change.

More opportunities – Recruitment agencies have access to a wider variety of roles; many organisations prefer to use a recruitment consultant rather than to go through the process of recruitment themselves. It streamlines the process for companies and candidates alike.

Access – Some companies prefer to remain anonymous when they are hiring so they use an agency to facilitate the process. Recruitment agencies can put you in touch with companies you possibly haven’t heard of, who may be able to offer you a great opportunity.

Time – You need only apply once to have access to several opportunities provided by that agency. Once you are registered with them, each consultant in the agency will have access to your CV. This will save you time by not having to continuously apply to roles advertised by that agency. In fact, they can call you about opportunities before they are advertised.

Types of roles – Contract or temporary work gives you the opportunity to work while you are in between jobs or looking for a permanent role. This is a great place to increase your skills and work experience, to try working in different industries or in different types of positions.

Market insight – Recruitment consultants can offer advice and help you understand what you’re worth. Agencies can tell you what trends are happening in their respective market place should you seek more information.

Insight and preparation – Your consultant can provide you with more insight into the company, the role, the interview, the culture, the environment and much more. These tips will help you not only boost your confidence, but understand how hiring managers see you in an interview. This will give you the best chance at securing the role.

Resume – Consultants offer support and advice on improving your resume and interview techniques. These skill sets will assist you in varying areas of your life as your career path changes and how to best highlight your skill sets.

Relationships – With an agency, your desires are more closely paid attention to, and as your career path changes, they are able to cater to you.

Confidentiality – Your personal contact details and referee details are retained until you give permission to release them.

It is Free – Why wouldn’t you use an agency?

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