Top 3 tips to keep on track at work

Struggling to remember what your manager asked you to do this morning? Are you confused about your daily duties? Then say no more! From previously working in childcare and moving into an admin role I struggled with prioritising my work and the tasks that I was receiving throughout the day.  I had to find ways that worked for me and allowed me to stay on top of tasks throughout the day.

To do list.

My Manager, Holli, got everyone Kiki K notepads and let me tell you, it has changed my life. As soon I get in each day I write my top 3 priorities for the day. This allows me to acknowledge tasks that are of high importance or need to be completed ASAP. After this, I write down all the things that I need to do for the day. When asked by any of my other colleagues or manager to complete a task I write it down straight away, so it doesn’t slip my mind. When completing the tasks throughout the day I highlight the ones I have completed so I know what I must prioritise next.

Calendar reminders.

Something I have picked up from other members in the office is setting reminders through your Calendar either on your phone or computer. When you do this, you can select when you want the reminder to occur and how often. This really helps me when I know I have to either send documents or an email at a certain time. I set a reminder for 15 minutes before to allow me to stop what I am currently doing and prepare the email. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I press snooze when I see the reminder but hey, don’t we all.


Every morning and afternoon I have to make sure that my desk is clean and that I have a clean inbox. This allows me to have a fresh and clear start and end of the day. I hate leaving work knowing that I haven’t replied to the emails from the previous day, plus this means extra work for the following day. When It comes to cleaning out your emails, the newer one always gets the most attention. If you are going to do a clean out it is best to start at the bottom, the older ones. Even replying to the oldest three emails will give you clarity!

Cleaning your desk is a must. There is no way that you would be able to stay focused with old paperwork covering your desk. Make sure that you’ve placed them in a folder or tucked away in your draw, only have the essentials out. The essentials should be a water bottle, pen and notebook.

I hope that after reading through my top three tips, you have some new ideas to put in place. If you have any tips that can help our team then please send them through to our Facebook page or Instagram.

Author: Rille Beath

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