Why I Moved From California to Canberra

Many people think the only reason you would want to move to Canberra is that you could get a Government Job.  So when I tell people why I moved from California to Sydney and then to Canberra; I get a resounding “Why?!”

It is disappointing that so many people have a negative view of Canberra because there are so many better qualities to the ACT which most people don’t see, PLUS it is currently ranked number one on the Quality of Life Index for 2017

Aside from having a great ‘Work-Life Balance’, a great economic track record, a consistently strong job market, there is also a lot of amazing food!

Canberra has the fastest growing hospitality industry in Australia “The ACT’s eateries turned over $70.5 million in August, an increase of almost 20 percent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.”

If you are a foodie like myself, then don’t disregard Canberra as a place to eat your heart out.

If coffee is your thing, we have two of the world’s best barista’s, winning titles in back-to-back years. The standard of coffee in Canberra is world class.

If Canberra doesn’t sound appealing yet, then let’s take a look at what it is like to buy a house here. According to CoreLogic, in comparison to Australia’s larger cities,  Canberra is the nation’s second-most-affordable place to buy.

Perhaps you want to further your education? The ACT has been named in the world’s top 20 best cities for students.

Canberra is beautiful, spacious and centrally located. Only 2 hours from the snow fields or the beach. It has a great community feel and active lifestyle. There are always different events happening and if you want even some more information to check out Visit Canberra’s website here.

I moved from California to Sydney and finally to Canberra, I couldn’t have imagined a more humble, fun and easy going city. Honestly it’s pretty awesome!

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